Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life-schooling Journal-July 7-August 15

While I'm hoping to blog more about what the "Big Picture" of our homeschooling looks like....More than not I will be using this blog as my journal for documenting for record-keeping purposes. You will find more specific details relating to my high schooler, than my other children, as I work on keeping up with documenting his credits, in a less than traditional homeschool. 

We've officially been schooling this year for 7 weeks. I have a 9th grader, a 7th grader, a 4th grader, a kindergartener, and a 1 year old. 

We spent our first 6 weeks focusing primarily on the 3 R's learning...reading, writing, and math, and building good routines. We read, researched, and studied out the American Revolution. Each of the children worked on their own level. 

My 9th grader, Nicholas, spent approximately 3 hours a day in productive school-related work. The breakdown of his hours spent for this 6 week term are:

American History-8 hours
Basic Science-2 hours
Language Arts-12 hours
Arithmetic-10 hours
P.E.-2 hours

I may come back and update these if I remember anything else we did during that time. 

Some of the things we did:

-Read a biography of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams
-Read a book on the overview of the American Revolution
-Discussed geography related to the war.
-Watched 3 documentaries related to the American Revolution
-Math on the Level, Khan Academy, and Life of Fred for math
-Copywork, dication, and writing assignments
-We read the Creation Science magazine
-Went on a hike through a local refuge. 
-Discussed various things through real life activities. 

Here's to a blessed new school year!!!